The Law Offices of Terry P. Roberts, Esq. - Appellate Law

Why hire a Tallahassee attorney?


If you are living outside of the Tallahassee area, you may be wondering if it's a smart idea to hire an attorney from out of town to handle your appeal.

The short answer is: YES!

Appeals are handled almost completely by mail. Attorneys do research and then write a brief and mail it to the court. There is no testimony to take. Unlike a trial, there are no depositions and no juries. You won't have to appear in court. In fact, most people don't live near their appellate court because there are only six appellate courts in all of Florida.

There is, of course, the Supreme Court of Florida (in Tallahassee). There are also five District Courts of Appeal (DCAs). The DCAs are the courts that hear most appeals. There is more information about them below. The important idea, though, is that because appeals are handled by mail, the main thing to consider in hiring an appellate attorney is not where he or she lives but his or her experience in handling APPEALS.

Appellate law involves a different set of skills from trial/litigation---not better or worse, just different. Mr. Roberts has handled nearly 200 appeals and he only handles appellate-related matters.

The Law Office of Terry P. Roberts is located in Tallahassee, Florida. The First District Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Florida, and all administrative and workers' compensation appeals are handled in Tallahassee.

On rare occasions, appellate courts hold oral arguments that last less than an hour. That is the only potential in-court appearance for almost all appeals. Terry P. Roberts is willing to travel to the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth District Courts for oral arguments.